Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Manuevers

Winter is finally over in Unkerlant, and with its passing the roads and passes have opened. Soon, armies will criss-cross the countryside, and set the kingdom once again aflame.
Prince Ruprect of Borogravia is in the best place for victory. He has managed to unite 6 other territories under his banner, and present a wide front across the south, from which to launch his offensive.
In the northwest, the Arch Duchess of Volborg has found only two allies to stop the Borogravian juggernaut.
Zlobenia and Franistover are perhaps in the worst shape. Before winter they captured each other's capitals, and refused to budge. As a consequence, neither was able to collect taxes, recruit or recoup losses to their existing units.
Unless these three factions can present a united front, Unkerlant will fall to a foreign invader from the south.


Frankfurter said...

Borogravia is foreign?

BaronVonJ said...

Quite. As mentioned in prior travelogues, Borogravia was once part of greater Unkerlant, but was partitioned off in the last war of succession, nearly a century ago. Ruprect's father Otto, brother to the recently deceased Karl Franz III, seized Borogravia in a bloody coup after realizing his chances of ruling Unkerlant were slim. Otto ruled Borogravia with an iron fist, ruthlessly bleeding the peasantry dry. Prince Ruprect has proved to be a more refined ruler, subtle in his machinations.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Cavenderia is still willing to send troops in support to bolster Zlobenia, but this might create an international incident with entangling alliances dragging all of imaginationhood into the first global conflict. Perhaps we could offer up a frei-corp which would not be technically "sanctioned" or lend monetary support as Zlobenia could not raise taxes last winter.

BaronVonJ said...

Hmmm... The Cavenderia Freikorps? I will pas this on to Duke Sigmund.