Friday, October 12, 2012

the Battle of Lacklilly Fields

On a cold Autumn day, two forces watched each other from across Lacklilly Field. So named for the noted bard John Lacklilly, buried nearby. Edwin, Baron of Fennwyck was barred from leaving his lands and the road to the capital by Horace, Duke of Dunharrow.
Edwin had battled his way through other claimants and pretenders to the throne. He had managed to keep his head where others had failed. Why, just across the field from him were two men who were the sons of previous challengers. Both Roderick and Rutiger had seen their fathers fall in battle and beheaded. Rutiger, the son of the previous King had much to lose. They both now rode with Horace, seeking revenge.
Edwin had brought Lionel the unlucky Baron of Stonekeep. Lionel had been on the losing side in most of the battles to date. With him was Oswald, son of the late Baron of Ock. Loyal to Edwin, but for how long?
Missing from the scene was Ulric, Duke of Kragg. Though loyal to Edwin, he sent a missive explaining his horse had thrown a shoe, and would miss the battle.
Sidenote: Sides are chosen right before the battle Kickball style, starting with the Claimant. I was of course was chosen last. Lionel, the fat kid gets picked last....
Command ratings are rolled randomly also. Edwin's team all rolled 1&2s. BUFFOONS! They would be severely restricted in their movements and command radius.)
Edwin, as well as his commanders were suffering from camp sickness (Buffoon rating). The odds were already stacked against them.
With a shout, Edwin forces steadily rumbled forward. Across the field, Lionel's men had decided a charge was in order and raced forward, leaving the rest of the battleline behind. Most of engagement, despite their sickness, Edwin's men managed a steady, orderly advance, while Horace's men charged and halted in spurts.
Once within bowshot, both sides darkened the sky. Roderick's units seemed to take the brunt of it and two units quit the field. At the opposite end Oswald was taking a beating too. It looked bad for Edwin.

Horace leads the charge


The view from Oswald's flank

The arrows rain down

Horace tries to rally the troops
When the lines finally met, it was bloody, indeed. Both sides were losing men in streams. It was chaos. Edwin's men had managed to battle back from the brink, the losses were dead even....then it happened. Horace's men had enough. The ran from the battlefield.
In a stroke of uncommon mercy, Edwin allowed Horace to leave without pursuit. He would be allowed to slink back to Dunharrow and plot his revenge. In the chaos that followed, a beraggled messenger arrived. Ulric had been spotted. Not coming to Edwin's aid, but to move on the capital. Edwin spoke. "Ulric, I have seen your heart. It is a black place, full of deceit."
Highlight for me was a battle between my pikemen and a unit of archers. The archers hit on a d10 roll of "1" in melee. My pikes on "6" or below. The archers were already chewed up and could only take one hit. FOR THREE STRaIGHT TURNS I missed . My side broke before I could kill the bastards. Lionel the unlucky.....
Tonight's pairing:
Bellhaven Scottish Ale to go with my "not Scottish" pikemen.
The Results:

Special Thanks to John for standing in for Lead Addict as Edwin.


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Great looking game Baron!

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A fine game and great report. What rules did you use?

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