Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wiley Wargame Weekend AAR

I spent a chunk of last week furiously building and painting to host a wargame convention this weekend in my house, Wiley Wargame Weekend. It doubled as a birthday weekend for me and a fundraiser for convention we are trying to build. We had 16 attendees from 4 states (we are all vaxxed). Great fun was had and many bourbons were drank. Special thanks to my beloved wife for organizing the shin dig and doing most of the work, my son and daughter for acting as bartenders, parking lot attendants and general errand runners.

We had 6 tables. Tales of Horror,  54mm French and Indian War, Galactic Heroes Star Wars, Fistful of Lead Fantasy, Master of the Universe using all the FfoL library and finally a jousting tournament using the excellent Breaking Lances rules and miniatures by Skull and Crown. ENJOY!


Preacher by day said...

Sounds like a great time! I love the look of the fantasy table.

Eric the Shed said...

Great looking games & happy birthday