Friday, October 29, 2021

The Annual Revenant Hunt- a Tales of Horror adventure


“You are cordially invited to this year’s event of the season. The Annual Revenant Hunt and Fundraiser for St Agatha’s Home for Unfortunate Children. It‘s that time of year again!
The dead have risen and the best Hunters from around the world have gathered to hunt them down and return them permanently to the grave.”

 Things started out well for the hunters. Few zombies were appearing, and those that did were easily dispatched.

But then, something changed in the air. Zombies were appearing it seemed everywhere. With a screeching sound of rusty cemetery gates, a grat beast made of gravestones and tombs appeared! 

This creature dispatched a few underlings before being held in place by a few heroes. Three spawn points were destroyed which seemed to severely weaken the creature.
Just as the tide seemed to be turning back in the Hunter's favor, another Dark Lord appeared, Baron Blackheart, the Vampire Lord. He was soon followed by a werewolf and a shrieking ghost.
 The Hunters managed to destroy half the spawn points before dawn, but by then it was too late. The Revenant horde was loose!
Great fun was had, with the game swinging back and forth. You can watch it HERE.
We'll be doing a follow up game with some brave soldiers protecting the capital from the undead legion!

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Stephen Severino said...

Great looking table and cool game!