Friday, March 27, 2020

The State of Things

I was hoping that working from home would give me more time to paint and most importantly work on new books. With the cancelling of SALUTE and with it, my trip to London to release Bigger Battles, I no longer am tied to a deadline. Combine this with a very efficient work from home system and it's a recipe for not getting as much done as I want.
Everyone seems to be taking this quarantine time to get a backlog of painting done. No so with me. Work has not slowed down a bit.
Today I'm taking a half day off to start writing sample army lists for Bigger Battles to help people jump in and play. This is a pretty big task to pair down every period in history as well as SciFi and Fantasy. It could be a separate book in itself.
I still have edits, photos and a last bit of art to do. I'm still shooting for an April release, but it will most likely be end of April.


Jay Arnold said...

Great to hear, Jaye!

Josh Page said...

I’m very excited for bigger battles to come out. How big do you think the battles could go using the system?

BaronVonJ said...

As most people can only keep track of 5-6 units in my experience, and seeing that a card deck is only 52 cards, around 8 players controlling 6 units is about it.

Unknown said...

Nice Post Jaye, I love to see how this game challenges the enemy in a battle. I find this game fun to play with see