Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Hey everybody! First off, let me say a big THANKS to all the customers, players, and general well wishers who made this our best year ever!
We've grown from a single pdf of Wild West rules 10+ years ago to legit side hustle with over 12 titles and 50+ products. And that's just the beginning.
2020 will see the release of some great titles. On the drawing board currently are our Starfighter! rules, Big Battles (which we're hoping to premiere at SALUTE in April at the Oshiro modelterrain booth), and hopefully our biggest project yet, Fantasy.
This will be a 3 book series dedicated to, and in homage to my old D&D days. The first book will be "Might & Melee" the core book of medieval combat that can just be a stand alone book if you just want to play "historical" skirmishes without all the fantasy elements.
Books 2&3: "Magic and Mages" and "Monsters and Mazes" will bring in all the fantasy elements.
Lots of little surprise releases along the way too.
That's the plan anyway. Who knows what real life will throw at us in between.


Reese Crawford said...

Can't wait for the Starfighter rules or Big Battles! How big are we talking for Big Battles?
You always do a wonderful job with your products.

BaronVonJ said...

Big battles uses same mechanics, but instead of 1 card = 1 miniature. 1 card= 1 unit of 6-12 miniatures or stands.So 5-7 units a side?

Juan Mancheño said...

The future is really bright!!!

Paul Keyes said...

Waiting for the medieval->fantasy books with baited breath :)