Friday, May 18, 2018

Galactic Heroes - Battle-suit Alpha!

Poor Hawk, we hardly knew you...
I had someone online ask me if you could use the upcoming Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes with anime type giant robots/battlesuits. The answer: "Why not?!"
To test the idea, I made up 3 opposing teams using the Crew creation rules. I fudged just a bit to give the battle-suits armament to match the minis. I dug out my much unused DP9 Heavy Gear minis and through out some terrain.
The scenario: I recently bombed Rebel listening post contained highly classified Alliance intel. The comms tower was able to download it to 3 large severs before the dish was blown. The rebels want to download it, the Alliance destroy them, and a poor group of mercenaries is caught in the middle.
 The battlefield, 4x5'.
 Rebel forces approach.
 Mercenaries in the middle. "They don't pay me enough for this...."

The game started with a bang. A Rebel sniper, callsign "Deadeye", lived up to his name and dropped a mercenary, "Hawk", guarding a download point. The two Alliance troopers showed up to investigate and were hit with a one shot rocket pod barrage.
 The Mercenaries spring to action!
 Infantry caught in the open!
 The Rebels are hit by a rocket barrage.
 Here's an example of the record cards. These are Regulars, so each gets a 1 trait. Sniper let's Deadeye preroll one shot a turn, Eagle-eyed let's Blaze improve the range of his oversized shotgun.
 The Rebel leader, callsign "Shark", has the Fistful trifecta: Shock, Wound and Out of Ammo.
Scratch one intel tower.
Victory went to the Rebels. They were able to reach two towers and download the intel before they were blown up.
The game went really smoothly. Each trooper had a personality thanks to the traits assigned, and more importantly it had that anime feel. The squads of non-battlesuit infantry I just treated as a single miniature. Each "wound" removed a miniature. They were treated as "Small", so harder to hit, and to show their reduced firepower against the battle-suits, I gave them a d8.

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