Friday, April 27, 2018

Destination: Terror Island Pt. 3, Turu the Terrible...

...or R.I.P. Rip Daring.
Our heroes had managed to escape the clutches of Dr. Terror, fleeing into the depths of Terror Island's suffocating jungle, only to encounter Turu the Terrible!

There were 8 players (I know, right?) involved in this massive Pulp Alley game. Three players took the role of Good Guys, Dutch Oven and his Fearless Five
Roxy Rocket and the Ready Men

and Rip Daring, Man of Action.
Three controlled the Baddies, and two the Neutral Natives and Turu, a Terror-catyl.

There were 7 Plot points to accommodate the large number of players. Last episode, Pork Chop, orphan ally of Rip Daring, had escaped into the jungle with the Super Soldier formula. The canister was nabbed by the winged Turu and taken to his nice above the waterfall. Pork Chop was hidden behind the waterfall as another Plot Point. There was a dingy down river to get our heroes off the island, a native idol, a creepy old hermit and various supplies. All which took a terrible toll on anyone trying to use them.
The players were placed good guy-bad guy-neutral around the 6 x 4 table. Oh how the mayhem ensued!
Precious, the Alligator went straight for a Plot Point only to realize she didn't have hands. Oh well, she'll just tear apart some good guys instead. One of her handlers, Ugly Pierre, a mere Ally, somehow survived the combined firepower of Rip's crew. A new Juan Jorge? (see last episode).

Dutch's faction took on Turu and the Natives. Only Dutch escaped.
Rip Daring, was cut to pieces by Dr Terror and his minions, his pal Bobo the chimp, crushed under a temple trap. Of Rip's daring League, only Pork Chop made it.
Pork Chop was assailed by three attackers, one by one they fell to his patented "kick to the nuts" technique.

Much fun was had. We have a few changes to speed things up even more with this many players. Not the fault of the rules, it wasn't made for so many.
We had to stop due to time. The Bad Guys got most of the Plot Points but the Good guys have found a way off the island.
Sat tuned for the next episode....


Codsticker said...

I saw your thread on LAF but I figured I should comment here. Great looking game- I like your terrain and waterfall in particular.

Foss1066 said...

Pack this whole game up and ship it to me so I can run it here! Super love the comic book art pieces!

Joakim Ström said...

That looked like a great game. Lovely terrain.