Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Galactic Heroes: Saving the Shrine

The ancient Templar Shrine has been targeted by Imperial Forces. They have sent the Dark Templar Oshiro with a Imperial Tac squad and a band of Ornk mercenaries to destroy it.
Standing in their way is a small group of locals led by Templar Wilja Stind (my Jedi name according to the internet).
 A sleepy settlement on Felines V.
 Lord Oshiro and the forces of the Empire
 Skanky Muldoon and his greenskin mercenaries
 Orange Julius brings out his Girls to do battle.
 Rat Bastard takes the sniper position.
 As usual, the much muscle bound, armed to the teeth Orange Julius went down in a hail of gunfire first turn. Oshiro, confident in his dark abilities walked down the middle of the street, defying snipers and armed locals.
 He attacks one of the Bettys. Somehow she defies the odds and puts a wound on him. A shot from the sniper, puts him down for good. So much for the Blessings of the Emperor.
(We usually keep the markers on the character sheets to avoid clutter, but we kept them out for this game for pics)
 The Ornks try a flank but run into a horde of Grunts. It turn into a bloodbath for both.
 A lone Juve, Dink, pins down 2 mercenaries....
 ...while Wilja Stind reflects a shot back t a Trooper, dropping him.
Only the Captain remains to fulfill the mission, but he too is dropped by a deflected shot.
Great game with lots of twisted and turns. Shades, one of the mercenaries, almost made it to the shrine, but detoured by his "Bloodthirsty" trait. I had too much confidence in my Dark templar abilities. One of my opponents, "Other Jay", ran his Templar better to win the day.


Josh Page said...

Can't wait for my books to come! Roll on September!

Jim Jackaman said...

Barking...but really good fun by the sounds if it!

Fitz-Badger said...

Great game! I love the scenery, the miniatures, and the names! Looks like a lot of fun with some twists and turns and cinematic action.

JPChapleau said...

Love those pic-filled Batreps