Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Evil Returns: a Dragon Rampant Game

The Forces of Darkness managed to get a few troops into the heartland of the Kingdom a few ago. There, they were able able to marshal their forces. With help from the local necromancer and some former skittish orc allies, they staged a great assault on the Forces of Good.
It was an 8 player game with 72 points of troops a side! With such a massive game, we just played a death match game where one side had to destroy 36 points worth of troops before the other.
One side consisted of 24 points of Chaos troops. Most;y heavies with some light archer support and some berserker beastmen. They had for allies 24 points worth of Undead led by a summoner necromancer. During the game he was able to resurrect a couple destroyed units. Finally, the baddies had some help from the Orcs, trolls and ogres. These guys had a poor performance last game.
The good guys were the remnants of the Norsemen from last game, men of the Kingdom consisting of spearmen, archers, and mounted knights led by a winged horse riding Lord. The middle was held by a few elven knights, archers, some dwarves gunners and a big Elven ballista.
Things didn't go well at first for the Forces of Good. They showed a definite lack of motivation (a.k.a. poor activation rolls). But, who can blame them looking at the opposition. The berserkers struck first hitting a group of skeleton archers. The skellies Courage of 0 makes them tough to take out. A few volleys and the berserkers took their magic mushrooms and headed home.
By turn 3, most sides had started skirmishing and it was the baddies who cracked first. All along the line, dark creatures were fleeing the battlefield. Once gain, the Ogres and orcs proved feckless allies.
But just as soon as it looked like a victory for Good, the lumbering ranks of undead finally got in line. Wave after wave slowly pushed their flank back while the heavily armored Chaos Warrior slogged through the middle.
The score read Good: 32, Evil 30
That's when 6 points of Good troops ran for the hills.

I great game with lots of fun little vignettes of storytelling, like when Borax the Despoiler took volley after volley of arrows followed by a ballista bolt. He had look like a porcupine, but still he stood.
Just keeps motivating me to paint more. In fact, I just bought 3 Bugbears to get those Orcs in line....

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Jim Jackaman said...

What a great looking game...sounds like a good laugh too!