Monday, August 8, 2016

Lion Rampant: Burn those Boats Pt2

Last week seemed like such a close game, we decided to keep it set up and finish, Miraculously, the dragons (cats) that live in or castle let them survive.
When we last left our battle, the Normans were getting the worst of it. Even though they out numbered the Viking invaders, a rash of failed activations and poor dice rolling had kept them on their side of the board, and beaten back at every flank. One lone cavalry unit had managed to flank the the Vikings on their left, and were in threatening to burn one of the boats.
Until the Berserkers attacked. They were in wild charge range of the Norman cavalry. The Normans failed their own counter charge roll and took the charge at a stand still. It was a slaughter for both sides. The Berserkers went to Valhalla but took all the horsemen with them.
The Vikings pressed forward across the line.
Then, the brilliant Norman commander, who had failed rolling all last game, and was on course to repeat, came up with a plan.
He gave all his troops to his subordinates.
Sure enough, they performed brilliantly. The best unit on the table, a Norman Mounted Men-at-Arms unit cut a swath through the vikings like butter. Crossbowmen, filled the sky with arrows. It all looked like the tide had turned. And it had.

The tide was going out, and the Vikings started loading up the ships. One of units stayed behind, formed shieldwall and single-handedly held up the Normans while their brothers escaped. The Valkyries delivered them personally to Odin's side.

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Da Gobbo said...

Makes sense upper (mis)management take a step back and stuff gets done!