Monday, February 8, 2016

5Core SciFi Game

We had a small group last Thursday. Only four instead of the usual 6-8. Perfect for a nice 5Core game.
I've covered how much I like this game in past posts, so no need to cover that again. The newest version clears up some things and provides some nice missions.

Each player controlled 5 models with the two sides representing the Union and Rebel sides.
Rebel forces had to blow up one of the 6 objectives, while the Union forces had to contact 2 objectives.
Neither side knew what the others mission was, which made things interesting for our small forces.
It was a fun, and more brutal game than usual. We lost 4 of our 10 men. About the same for other side. Both sides pulled off their missions, so I guess it was a tie.
Still, a lot of fun.

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