Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday Night Supers: Trashing the Town

It's been awhile since I got out Super System. When we last left our modern campaign, Emperor Ape's space station had been blown up. Important elements have fallen all around Central City.
Villains and Heroes have moved in to grab them.
There were 5 chips placed around the board, with 5s, 10s and one 20 on the back. Players weren't allowed to see how much they were worth until the end.

 The Crimson Cowl and Flea approach from the park.
 Snapper, Behemoth, Texas Twister, Killshot, Eggsterminator and One-Eyed Jack
 Awe pounds the pavement

 Behemoth takes to roof, only to me mind melted by the Crimson Cowl

 Flea and Eggsterminator duel
 Goldar has a surprise coming from Killshot
 Awe goes down to Snapper
 "You just got Jacked!"

 Texas Twister decides hiding might be best.
It seesawed back and forth, but the Flea was able to bounce around and grab 3 objectives. It ended with a fall from a roof for Eggsterminator (que Humpty Dumpty rhyme) and only One-Eyed Jack and Texas Twister left for the villains. The heroes walked off with the most important tech.
Stayed tuned for the next episode, True Believers...


Essjam said...

Where did you get the city building facades? I am think these would be pretty cool for gangsters too. Louie the Lump hasn't been in action in a while.

Carrion Crow said...

A nice return to super gaming, which always has me itching to paint more heroes and villains. I too like your buildings and am coming round to the idea of cardstock and foam board. Are the streets and facades from Fat Dragon or Worldworks?

BaronVonJ said...

Fat Dragon

Mark Ryan said...

Where the heck did you get the Eggsterminator figure? Very cool!

Mark Ryan said...

I found out it's Chang Tzu.