Saturday, February 7, 2015

Black Powder ACW in 15mm

As much as I like Fire & Fury (it was one of my first historical rules sets), I like finishing in an evening. So, with new guy Doug (sorry John, I guess you're not new guy anymore) showing up regularly, I decided to run ACW Black Powder. BP is a great game to introduce newbies to. With the right group, it can also be a lot of fun.
We used the scenario right out of the book, but used half ranges for everything. The Rebs were trying to attack a town at first light and capture the foundry, take the town and the Union camp. A tall order for the Confederates, but the Yankees start out unawares, asleep in their beds with only a picket to alert them.
It started out with Rebs unable to get one brigade moving, one engaging the pickets, and one blazing across the table at a terrifying rate right at the camp.
Fortunately the pickets did a decent job of slowing down the middle while a brigade of Yanks came up the road to the sound of gunfire. Meanwhile, the brigade in the camp was slow to wake.
Soon the middle and right flank were engaged, but it looked bad for the campers.
They finally broke camp, but were immediately pounced on by the Rebs. Miraculously, they not only drove off the Rebs, but broke a few regiments!
The Rebel right flank started to collapse, it looked like the game was over.....
But then, the Union regiments that had been engaged in the center and right started to drop. It suddenly was a close game.
In the end, the Union pulled out a close victory. The Rebs retreated over the mountain to lick their wounds.


Weasel said...

Go yanks :)

Looks like a fun game was had.

Jon F said...

I just glad I'm no longer the new guy.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice looking game!