Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Supers

Time to start a new SuperSystem campaign. Time for new blood. Here's a few new ones
The All Southern Squadron, featuring left to right, Johnny Reb, Whistling Dixie (sonic powered whistle), and Texas Twister.
Johnny was just a straight repaint of a Clix, as well as Dixie. Tex is made up of several Clix cobbled together.
I wanted to do a bunch of team ups. Here are Whipper & Snapper.
Whipper is some Clix named Lash repainted and added visor. Snapper was the terrible SHIELD Mandroid armor I always hated from the comics with added claws. He's a villain who stole the Army's top-secret C.R.A.B. (Combat Ready Armored Battlesuit) prototype.
I can't take credit for their names. A PIXAR artist recently took up a self made challenge of drawing a superhero/villain a day. He 360 drawings and I'm "borrowing" as many ideas as I can.


styx said...

A+ work...inspiring stuff to dig into my clix again to see what else I can hodgepodge together. I made a few cool changes with easy head swaps from leftover Crossover miniatures heads.

Love the super team from the south, heh, but I live down here. I designed one I am going to convert for SuperSystem called the Confederates...don't have my book but my "sonic" was Rebel Yell, a guy I see wearing a confederate hat. Of course that was along with the Dixie Pixie (repainted Wasp),

What is this website for this artist? I would like to see some of his stuff?

BaronVonJ said...

I've got Hellbilly, Gator and some others to do next.

styx said...

I had a Gator in mine also come to think of it...I was eyeing the Pulp City Gator figure they make.

BaronVonJ said...

Need a flyer. The Gray Ghost? Maybe a brick named Stonewall?