Friday, February 14, 2014

New Campaign for Super System

NORAD reports the crash of an extraterrestrial object deep in the Appalacian mountains. The Guardians are dispatched to report on and recover any possible alien technology. They are not the only ones interested in the crash.
Members of the All Southern Squadron along with Hellion from the Crime Syndicate also converge on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Cooter's Crossing.

Immediately, Flea sprung into action using his bouncing speed to get to what turned out to be a crashed alien craft first. He quickly grabbed an important looking object, and dashed back. Meanwhile A.J.A.X. took to the air for the Guardians, hoping to reign missiles and laser down from above.
The Super Villains made the most of the woods to approach cautiously.

A.J.A.X.'s vantage point in the sky gave him a clear view of the battlefield but also made him a target. Texas Twister unleashed a Tornado Punch, nearly knocking the armored hero from the sky.
Whistlin' Dixie from the All Southern Squadron moved up to loot the ship, but it was immediately apparent her skills were needed for battle. One blast of her sonic whistle nearly destroyed Goldar.
Lucky for him, his robotic body was able to repair itself.
This attack was quickly followed up by Johnny Reb who not only beat Flea within an inch of his life, but moved on to pummel the Cyclops and the Crimson Cowl.

Doc Titan was effectively taken out of the fight. He was surrounded by the evil Mechanoids and Hellion. They couldn't hurt him, but he couldn't seem to harm them either. This standoff took half the teams out of the game.
Flea was conscious enough to get the tech off the battlefield and went back for more (Brave fellow). He was attacked by Texas Twister.
Goldar repaired himself and counter attacked Dixie. She couldn't withstand his Diamond Ray.
As night fell, the Guardians retreated with the alien tech but left the Villains in control of the battlefield and with it the alien ship.
Later, at the Guardian's Citadel, the tech was examined. It was a version of an alien "blackbox". The ship had been sent to warn Earth of it's impending attack by an alien overlord known only as the Despot!


styx said...

Great stuff! Damm I wish we lived closer to one another, I'd love to find others to play SuperSystem with!

BaronVonJ said...

Where do you live? You might not like our Super System. We are firmly entrenched in 2nd addition.

styx said...

Florida. I am helping test out the new rules, so far I like the direction they are going in....

BaronVonJ said...

Good. 3rd did nothing for me. I always liked the Action Point system.