Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I have seen the future....

I just picked up a long awaited (for me) purchase of Victory Decision: Future Combat. I have always liked the WW2 ViDe rules so this was a must. Have the rules, now need the minis.
Here's the first:

These fellas represent the rebellious ConFed planetary militia troops. They're Pig Iron minis. I have a dozen painted and more waiting.

I bought these Blue Moon guys on a whim. They are fantastic sculpts. They'll represent a rogue mercenary unit, the Brotherhood. You get a choice of helmet types when you purchase.10 of these.
More troops to come.


Lead Addict said...

Looks like they should fight my Pig Iron Heavies. they are ready for ViDe:FC.

BaronVonJ said...

I wants me some System Troopers.

commissarmoody said...

The blue moon guys look hardcore

MIK said...

I second how cool the Blue Moon guys look, which is tough because Pig Iron stuff always looks great.

Looking forward to seeing some Future Combat in action.

Mike Demana said...

Look great - I especially like the WW 1 retro look of the first batch. Look forward to either a review of the rules or AARs...!

Mike Demana