Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The story so far...

No game this Thursday, True Believers. So thought I'd take the time instead to update what's on the workbench, and what's next for the Baron.
Currently on the painting table are 24 French Napoleonic miniatures I'm painting for Lead Addict. Some of the Basement Generals have volunteered to to each take a unit, so we can finally do some Nappy gaming in God's Own Scale. Even great Perry sculpts cannot help from reminding me why I don't paint more from this period. All those lapels, and straps, and buttons! After painting the simple uniforms from the War of Spanish Succession, let alone the Italian Wars, this is a chore.
Right behind the Frenchies are more Italian Wars. This is a project I actually have light at the end of the tunnel for. Like my VSF stuff, it's one of those periods I can keep building on, or not, as much as I want.
While on the subject of projects, let's review all the irons I have in the fire:
- Russian Civil War/ Back of Beyond: One of those "in between" periods I'm so fond of. I have a few units done, and enough bare lead to sink a ship. Seriously, I have obscene amounts of Copplestone RCW troops. Like, moving crates full. Troops can be colorful and easy to paint. The hold up? Terrain. Yes, the Russian steppes are easy to pull off on the gaming table, but the buildings are sort of unique, and most battles centered around rail stations. Trains suitable for 28mm? $$$$$$$$$.
- Retro SciFi: FLASH! Ahhh-ahhh! Almost there, but again. I want to do it right. The scene. The set. The rules. They all need to do it justice. I plan on this being more of a RPG-lite ongoing serial.
- Hail Caesar (Sauron): There are a bunch of tiny Dwarves staring at me, waiting for paint. They look angry.
- Fistful of Lead, Horse and Musket: The long awaited sequel to my original Cowboy/Wild West rules are done. What I need are scenarios, proofreading and art. Oh, and enthusiasm.
- Unkerlant: Though the war has raged for years, alas, to my great shame, it has been waged with paper soldiers mostly, and not lead.
There you have it. Just a few of the many projects waiting in the wings. And most likely where they'll stay.
I have two great kids heavily involved in sports during the week and most weekends. I have a wife that actually likes to be around me. September has been a total shit month. A ton of work. A huge event to put on at the end of the month. My father was hospitalized (briefly, thank God). And the death of close family member who was the same age as me (42). Suddenly, time spent driving my kids to practice, was well, time with my kids. Simple things like sitting on the couch, holding hands with my wife watching TV became more important. Silly arguments, became silly arguments, easily forgotten.
Little lead guys can wait.


pulpcitizen said...

Thoughtful words at the end there Baron.

Onto your rules, well if you ever want a proof-reader I would be glad to help.

BaronVonJ said...

A few in the Yahoo Group have offered to playtest/proofread. Still pondering.

Scottswargaming said...

Really nice job on the Flash figure.

Yeah, some things certainly put painting our toys into perspective...

PMMDJ said...

Sending out positive vibes for your October.

Lead Addict said...

Sorry the Frenc are a chore. Some people (who paint them a lot) see them as easy. I see the Brits as easy, simply because of the volume of them I have painted in different scales over the years. But that first unit overwhelmed me. Now, I know that uiform inside out, and I suspect I will have the same response as you to the French, when I start mine. Especially since I have never really painted any in all these years.

On the flipside, I started the Spanish Fusiliers last night and they couldn't be more of a joy to paint.

BaronVonJ said...

They must not paint all the piping and trim, then.