Friday, August 10, 2012

Victory Decision pt2

We learned alot since our last game, and tactics are evolving. Also, going form 4 players to 8 was different. The mechanics with that many people didn't slow it down, just having 8 players slowed it down, which I think is positive. Any questions we had, were easy to find (unlike a few games we've played lately, cough, cough, Black Powder, cough, cough, Hail Caesar). Still shaping up to be a great game.
Bolt Action by Warlord is coming out soon and from some interwebs reading sounds like the two rules are similar. Although, I don't think Warlord is going to be as responsive as Agis has been to questions, most of which are in the book if you take the time.

Next go around, we're trying some more open terrain, and fewer squads per person. Still giving these rules a big thumbs up.


Bill said...

We might look at getting some halftracks or armored cars for support instead of the tanks. It might work better with the ranges and number of infantry figures.

Jon F said...


I am hoping to have at least one Hanomag ready by next run and hopefully a few U.S. halftracks.