Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RECRUITS a month away

Our local convention, RECRUITS is only a month away. We'll have several Basement Generals running games over the weekend.
Cluck Amok will be running a Battle of Quebec SYW game.
And Lead Addict, possibly a Wasteland Warriors game
Yours Truly will be running a Fistful of Lead game, but not sure what day due to a conflicting soccer tournament. Great interview about RECRUITS with header Recruiter Duane Fleck here.


Lead Addict said...

I will be running a Warriors of the Wastelands game if I can ever finish these damn British Hussars so I can get to it.

Schedule too is unknown.

Cronickain said...

I will be up there with copies of both It Came From Beyond the still and When the Navy Walked! I will run a game of WTNW if anyone wants though I am flying up on Friday night. Look forward to seeing you in person!

BaronVonJ said...