Friday, October 7, 2011

In the Emperor's Name - Fantasy

In the Emperor's Name, a free set of Sci-Fi rules set in the not-40k universe, turned out to be great time when we tried it out several weeks ago. Though nostalgic for early GW days, that universe has never been my bag. Fantasy, particularly a large scale skirmish, which is the best for my group of 6-8 weekly, is what I wanted to try. Now, I loves me my Song of Blades and Heroes, but it's really a two player game. I figured it would be simple enough to tailor ITEN to fantasy. The ensuing brawl proved me right.
the Wastes
"The temple of Baal-El has lain buried in the Wastelands for untold centuries. But recently, during an earthquake, the temple emerged from the depths. Now, forces converge. Some to destroy the temple, some to worship it's dark god..."
the Elves
The Adventurers
The Barbarians
the Forces of Chaos
The King's Men

The forces weren't balanced point-wise. But tactics should have panned out. They didn't. It was mostly a one sided affair in favor of Chaos. The Boy, controlling the Adventurers, got hammered by the Barbarians second turn. He never even got off a spell. (Spells are basically Psyker Abilities from ITEN). The forces of Good should have hauled ass to the temple, and then defended it's narrow passage. Chaos warriors are slow, the Barbarians have no long range, and the orcs were farthest away and blocked by terrain. Oh well. It was still fun.


Chad Thorson said...

Cool! I wondered if ITEN would work for fantasy as well. I'm not a big fan of the 40k universe either, I don't know if it's just old age or what but it has the feeling of being written by teen metal heads in the 80's.

I like bits of it but not the whole universe as a whole.

Lead Addict said...

sorry I missed it. Looks fun. Was it faster than song of blades?

As for 40k Universe. Suspend all disbelief, forget economics, politics, and basic social requirements for a civiliazation to survive, and you can enjoy it. I do for the pure wonkiness of it. And some of the figs are simply terrific(while they have a whole bunch of terrible stuff too).