Monday, September 12, 2011


I had another great time at RECRUITS this weekend. For once, instead of hosting I actually got to play in some games. At what games they were! I took a few pictures of the more interesting...
Friday night I played in a miniatures version of Commands and Colors put on by Honorary Basement General Crashdoggy, all the way in from Minnesota.
Here the the Boy moves in his heavies, only to be surrounded and crush by me. Mwahahahah!
As you can see in this picture RECRUITS is very kid friendly.
A close up of the minis.
Later, it was a Force on Force game in Rhodesia. Just look at those termite mounds.
Saturday morning I started off with an awesome game (also put on by Crashdoggy) in 54mm of the French and Indian War battle of Monogahela. The figs were gorgeous. The terrain great, and the rules (This Very Ground) terrific.
I had a blast with this game running the Courer de Bois. We, the French, had to keep the English from getting to Fort Ducane (Pittsburg).
For awhile, our hit and run tactics worked. But, then Braddock showed up with some reinforcements and we just couldn't hold on.
Then, I helped run a Post Apocalyptic version of my Fistful of Lead cowboy rules. It sounds weird, but it worked. Groups of scavengers were looking for loot on the ruins of an old city. You'd think we'd spend time shooting at each other, but there were enough surprises to keep us busy elsewhere.
Shoo fly, don't bother me...
There were plenty of other games I wasn't able to play in:
A stunning 20 foot long pirate game, complete with cannibals
And many more. I'll be running something next Spring (there are 2 RECRUITS-cons a year). I picked up some figs I'll post here shortly.


Ray Rousell said...

Some stunning looking games, I love the look of the FIW game and the ship looks simply fantastic!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nice report . . . and some great-looking games!

-- Jeff

Cronickain said...

Looks like a great time! If my company ever gives me time off, if WTNW ever makes it big or if I get off my butt and save one year maybe I can make Recruits. If Shawn needs more help writing rules maybe I can do that as well. Anyway love the ships and the games look like a lot of fun. I will be going to a con in a few weeks though it is a local HMGS con. Great report!