Thursday, September 29, 2011


I spent a long time on these minis. I made sure temperature and the humidity was fine before I sprayed on the clear coat I used a hundred times. I even did a test spray to make sure all was well. Despite that, when I actually sprayed the figs, I got milky gunk all over. Some suggestions online involved respraying, but that didn't help. Anyone in the blogosphere have suggestions that don't involve a total repaint?
The areas in question.
UPDATE: Thanks for all the suggestions. In the end, I had to repaint. Will post some pics soon.


MIK said...

I heard the same; re-spray with a high gloss, then Dull Cote as needed after that. I find spraying in the evenings to help me out.

Good luck, these are some really cool looking figures.

Brigadier Dundas said...

Yes, respray with a gloss then wait a few hours respray with dullcote.
Not mornings or evenings, mid afternoon when dewpoint is <50/55