Friday, July 2, 2010

Commands and Colors Medieval

The field before the fight

Last week we ran a game of BattleLore with miniatures. Last night, the Basement Generals tried Commands and Colors (a Classical Age set of rules) with my Wars of the Roses figures. Instead of 3-4 blocks representing the troops, I used a single big base, which I've used in the past with my standard Medieval rules. For hits we used a small die.
A standard base. These were rated "green" for C&C.

In the future I would look at using a casualty stand.
Needless to say, it worked great. No fuss over ranges, movement or results. It played out realistically (as far as I know, not owning a time machine), although it lacked the chaos of the rules I usually use for this period.
The game played out in 2 hours with 48 stands (roughly 350 28mm miniatures), with a definite outcome. Try that with another ruleset!
Hexes for movement.


Mr. Mahon said...

This looks excellent but also brings two questions:

How big is the table you played the game on? It seems to be very big.

Did you make the hex markings on the tabletop mat or are such mats available somewhere?

Just curious...
Thanks in advance for answers and for sharing the photos :)

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BaronVonJ said...

My tabel's 6' x 8"
It has a top I made from this great heavy paper that has not really flock, but a fuzzy texture embedded in it. I got it at a model railroad place, and I can't seem to find it anymore. It has survived spills, stains and 10 years of abuse. I have since I created a another top for it using the reverse side of a vinyl tablecloth painted green. So, I decided to take the old top and make it useful.
I made a stencil for my 6" hexes. I had about 8 hexes on the stencil. I then proceeded to draw in the corners with a felt tip. The result was very subtle.

Mr. Mahon said...

Thanks a lot for your answers. The table doesn't look like paper at all. Great job.

Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting