Monday, February 1, 2010

The Council of Electors vote

Outside, the capital was cold. But not as cold as the mood inside the Council Chambers. Unkerlant had been at war with itself for  nearly six months, with no end in sight.
One by one the Electors voted. Count Ludwig of Graveholm, sat in a shadowed corner, cadaverous as ever. He was flanked on either side by Borogravian Hussars, instead of his fearsome Black Guard. In a hollow voice he voted. "Graveholm votes for Prince Ruprect."
The proud General Wolf was given the honor of giving the Arch Duchess's of Volborg's vote. Sneering at the assembled Electors he said,"Our beloved Duchess, humbly accepts Volborg's vote for Queen."
Count Ernst Von Wusterberg stood next. He was disheveled and a bit sheepish looking. He glanced nervously and his newly appointed "advisor" from Borogravia. His trusted sister was nowhere to be found.
"I,...we..proudly vote faa, faaa, for Prince Ruprect.
Elector Hans Leopold Jones of Middelheim stood, "The people of Middelheim, the council of Guilds, and the minor nobility,... abstain".
Then it was time Styrland to vote. Elector-General Freidemene, resplendent in his medals and spotless uniform, cleared his vote. "I, humble put forth my own name, in this time of troubles, to be king".
Finally, the head Councillor, Elector of Koenigstadt, and head of the Civic Militia, General Rolf Von Stern stood. "The Elector of Zlobenia, Duke Sigmund, has his vote in forfeiture, owing to fact his capital is in the hands of Franistoverian troops. Therefore, Prince Adelbert has been offered himself as a candidate. As for Koenigstadt, we abstain until a stronger candidate steps forward."
And so, the war waged on the next Spring.
Spring moves coming soon!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Not really all that surprising, was it?

We look forward to the Spring offensives.

-- Jeff

BaronVonJ said...

Actually, the neutrals had a random roll for their votes. Prince Ruprect could have got lucky.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Surely the Zlobenians can rally, retake the capital and secure votes by daring. Could Cavenderia send a few units in support of Zlobenia? We could send IR-Jung and IR-Aurora to join the conflict. Just an offer, I know how Unkerlankers feel of foreign intervention.

BaronVonJ said...

I shall pass your gracious offer on to the Duke.