Friday, January 29, 2010

Medieval Thursday

Last night I threw together a quick game of "Flower of Chivalry". When rolling for random command values, one side got "Buffoon" to the other side's "Brilliant". This would normally mean a death sentence, but it turned out to be a real nail biter as both sides were one unit away from breaking. In the end, Brilliance won out.
The set up
The king marches forward

The enemy takes the high ground.

Units break up during an ill timed charge.

The end is nigh...


Jim Wright said...

Dear Mr. Baron, Sir:

I really like the look of your medieval games. I have a few questions about them.

25mm figures, right?

What size is your table?

What size are your figure bases?

One base size for all?

How do you track casualties?

If you use a roster what all is in it?

Thanks for the great pictures.


Jim Wright said...

Mr Baron, Sir:

One more question.

If you are using rosters for your "Flower of Chivalry" games, how are you marking the stands?

I don't see any obvious markings in the pictures. Or have you just become familiar enough with the stands to know who is who?



Frankfurter said...

Units come apart in the charge ...
nice touch!

BaronVonJ said...

Mr. Jim sir,
I'll take some pictures tonight to illustrate, showing stands and the roster cards, but until then:
The figures are 28mm Old Glory. One of their better ranges and cheap compared to others. They may be getting some Perry reinforcements soon.

My table is 8 x 6, but we played this on a 6 x 4 area.

My base sizes are 60mm by 60mm (litko) with 8 heavy foot, 6 for bows, and 3 for cavalry figures mounted a base. This gives a bit of a diorama feel, and a sense of mass.

Yes, one base size for all.

I'll show a picture of the roster, but each roster fits in a card holder so you can mark off hits with a dry erase marker. Each roster has a picture of the units corresponding flag (to tell them apart), the type of unit, their number needed to hit vs foot and vs. horse, and finally boxes to mark off casualties with the morale roll in each box, so the player can see what roll they need right away.

Finally, commanders need to keep track of the Battlelust of their troops. To much aggression and your troops get tired. Sit around doing nothing, and your troops lose heart. To keep track I have tiny d10s that sit on the commanders base. Pointing towards the enmey is a positive number. Towards you, negative. Easy, no clutter.
In fact, battlefield clutter is against the Basement Generals credo and will not be tolerated!

Jim Wright said...

Re: Flower of Chivalry

Thanks for the info.

I look forward to the pictures when you get time.