Friday, March 4, 2022

Fistful of Lead Golden Age Supers: The Last Boat Out


Last night was the first in few months where Thursday didn't involve snow. A perfect time for part 2 of our Golden Age Supers game.

Last episode the Liberty Legion failed to stop Projekt Ragnarok from releasing an interdimensional being during an ancient ritual in the Central American jungle. Not only was the Liberty Legion soundly defeated but they last a number of heroes in the process. They've put out the call out to the local heroes to stop the baddies from reaching their awaiting U-Boat.

The scenario was simple, get the "Emissary" to the sub, or stop it.

The game itself was a mash up of Fistful of Lead rules, showing how easily the different books can be used together: Core, Wasteland Warriors and Fantasy.

Easy, just get the alien being past shark infested waters to the sub.
Numer Uno and Glamazon await with the local Federales.
Sea Wolf takes up position.
The Emissary guarded by Uber-Man, Agent Axis, Weapon H and some reanimated corpses from the last game. The Emissary had the powers of a Necromancer form Fistful of Lead Fantasy.
A revitalized Sentinel of Justice and a new Lucky clone fresh out of the freezer (shhhh, don't tell him. He doesn't know he's a clone...).
Nachooooooo Libre and Cucaracha lead more brave locals.
Did I mention the sharks?

Glamazon (former starlet who swam in a cursed lake while filming The Swamp Creature) blocks the road.
Blitz shoots forward to unleash his Electroblast....
...promptly rolls a 1.

The heroes decide to fall back and cut off the villains at the choke point of the pier.
Weapon H (a cloned Hitler head in a robot suit) leads a Grunt group of zombies.

Uber-Man takes to the sky!
A brave soldier charges forward and knocks 3 Germans into the sharky waters. Any wounded miniature in the water at the end of the turn is automatically chum!

Glamazon stomps Sea Wolf into a wet pile of fur.
But the Emissary floats closer...

This poor soldier has a front row seat to a clash of Titans! 

Despite a brave defense, including Lucky boarding the tug boat to try and ram the sub, the Liberty Legion once again is defeated. Next episode will be the epic conclusion with an international cast!

I'll have the video after action report up soon!


Jacob W Schroeder said...

I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it very much! I'm inspired by you to run my own Star Wars Galactic Heros game. Would it be possible to obtain a download of your Star Wars character cards? They are beautiful and I'm not much for creating such things. My email is - much obliged!

BaronVonJ said...

The cards will be part of a Patreon, and will not have actual photos of the characters on them as that is copyrighted material. Fine for my uses but as soon as I sell or distribute said cards I'll quickly have the Big Mouse on me.

Jacob W Schroeder said...

That is great news! I look forward to supporting your Patreon. Thanks

Double C said...

Just found your blog And Fistful of lead. Love all of your stuff. Going to be using the rules for weird wars. Where do you get the miniatures you use? Like weapon h and agent axis, sential, and glamazon?

Double C said...

Love the blog just found Fistful of lead. Where do you get the miniatures from like weapon H love him and agent axis and glamazon.

Jaye Wiley said...

Weapon H is an Old Glory Supersystem robot with a head swap. Agent Axis same place. Glamazon is a Heroclix.