Monday, August 23, 2021

Star Wars Bigger Battles!

This past Saturday, one member of our gaming group turned the big 5-0. Being the biggest Star Wars nerd there is, I felt it only appropriate we get most of the toys we've been working on over the lockdown for a huge 10 player game (we are all vaccinated).

 The Birthday Boy brought half his collection of 150 miniatures, (about a third Legion, two thirds stls from various sources), a dozen vehicles and I provided the terrain. Fifty units on the table. The result was a glorious battle!

Four hours later, the Empire stood triumphant. A series of brutal TIE strafing runs broke the Rebel assaults, but not without horrible losses. Oh well, there's always more stormtroopers.


Juan MancheƱo said...

Wonderful game table and models. And there is a new type of Sarlacc near the barge!!!

William Butler said...

Fabulous looking game.

Jim Jackaman said...

What a fantastic table!

Neil Scott said...

Superb looking game