Monday, July 12, 2021

Another Weekend of Gaming- J3!

 I had the great pleasure of attending J3 (Jay's July Jamboree) this weekend. Similar to my own Wiley Wargames Weekend, it's private affair hosted by Jay Arnold of the Veteran Wargamer podcast. I got to attend with son and my best friend. Gaming and drinking? I'm in!

The Dungeon set up for Fistful of Fantasy.
Taking a break with some Gaslands.

The Elves out of their element.
Chaos afoot!
Barbarians enter the fray.

Moments before the Barbarians are wiped out by a spell from the Chaos sorceror.

The Dwarf standard falls!

We had a n 8 player game in a game of "grab treasure and smash" type scenario. Great, stupid fun.

Serene country setting.
creepy rocker outside our door that I'm sure I saw move.
A new friend to greet us.
Other games in full swing.

A dark and stormy night perfect for a game of Escaton. Rival cultists fighting it out at the ned of the world.

Proper accommodations. 

All in all a great weekend of fun and new friends.

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Skully said...

Man, that dungeon is just gorgeous!