Friday, November 6, 2020

Fistful of Lead: Fantasy

 Last night we had another remote playtest of the upcoming Fistful of Lead Fantasy rules. With the combat and retinue build mechanics worked out, it's time for the Magic rules.For this game a brave Mage walking the Path of the Elements faced off against a vile Necromancer and his Undead minions. 

When the local woodsman went missing, the local sheriff went to investigate. He too disappeared. The Duke himself asked Voltos, a mage of some power, to find out what was going on.

Voltos and a few of his adventuring friends.

Muldar Gravestone

Voltos quickly realizes what's been causing the disappearances, but it's a good idea to investigate the village for survivors.

The Undead attack. Trying to smash down the door of the woodsman's cabin.

A shot from Klaus Kettelbottom unhorses the undead rider.
Sir Porco introduces the Undead to his warhammer.
The cabin door is smashed and the woodsman, his wife and child are captured. Who knows what terrible fate awaits them!
Voltos is wounded by a fould magicks from Gravestone. He retreats to rest.
A fireball rips through the undead (unfortunately one of the Duke's men too).
Most of the undead are crushed, but the captives are being lead off.
Voltos casts Wall of Flames and blocks the line of retreat. The adventurers sweep in and dispatch the skeletons and freeing the captives. Huzzah!

Gravestone, his forces depleted, slinks off into the woods. No doubt plotting his revenge!

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Nervisfr said...

hey from France,

i hope that ll be as good as the other rules set !
I'm working on a french translation about FFoL core rules and BB to spray your excellent rules systems around us within the french wargame world.
hope you'll like it to insert it among your rules set.