Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wiley Wargames Weekend - the Download

I think I can say, based on the number of times I was asked "You're doing this again next year, right?" that WWW was a success. We had folks from Colorado, Nebraska and of course, my Game Masters from California and Minnesota. The venue was great, if a little dark in places, which can easily be remedied, and our hosts were gracious and kept the beer flowing.

Friday night, Thomas Foss of Skull and Crown Strategems ran his venerable "Starship!" game with his lovely handcrafted ships. Judging by the roars, it went well. (I was busy running my game).

 I was running my FfoL: Tales of Horror game. Two games the werewolves destroyed everyone. The final game, the Vamps had their revenge.

 The Bucknaked Baron is loose!

 Chris "CluckAmok" Cluckey ran his 54mm French & Indian War game with FfoL: Horse & Musket.

Shameless marketing

Mr Foss returned the next morning to run his Breaking Lances Tournament. This was a great addition. Players could play a few rounds between games.

Friday winding down.
Other Jay and Greg had a 15mm Modern Africa game using Gruntz, with vastly different outcomes both games.

 Jon ran a Fistful of Lead Moderns game in downtown Bahdistan.

Star Wars was well represented by a FfoL: Galactic Heroes game. Thanks to Basement General Steve for that one.

 We finished late Saturday night and all went upstairs for drinks to celebrate my 50th birthday! Can't say enough how much I appreciate my game masters for putting on really quality games.
Meanwhile, across thee pond....
Fistful of Lead and Wiley Games was well represented at BLAm thanks to Malamute, Bullshot, Dr De'Ath and Gamer Mac.
 The good doctor's Tales of Horror game.
 Gamer Mac's Galactic Heroes game
Malamute's 40mm Pennisular Horse & Musket game.
Bullshot's underwater game using GH.


Foss1066 said...

Great fun, nice folk, and good cheer and beer (and food)! Thanks for putting this on, Jaye!


Preacher by day said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! All the games look fantastic, but the jousting one really catches the eye!

Jon F said...

Will there be a WWW II in 2020;)

BaronVonJ said...

I imagine there will be a WWW 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jon F said...

Will there be a WWW in 2020;)

Jon F said...

Will there be a WWW in 2020?

BaronVonJ said...

three times Jon? really?

Riot said...

Great to see the weekend such a success!