Monday, September 18, 2017

Gaming somewhere between Wargames and Boardgames

More and more games seem to be blurring the lines between tabletop war-games and traditional boardgames. A couple of case in points were the games we played Game Night and over the weekend.
I picked up Massive Darkness as a Kickstarter. One of those it took so long to fulfill I almost forgot about it. But it was well worth it! To start, the miniatures. like most CMON games, are fantastic. I got soooooooo many. The game itself is fantastic. Three turns in and most of my gaming club were on their phones preordering for the non-Kickstarter.

As a dungeon crawler, they pack a lot into a simple system. I imagine a a lot of replay, completing all the quests with different characters. You can play solo, too.
I played again this weekend with the Boy. We lost twice but had a lot of fun.

We then tried a little GW gladiator game that snuck in under the radar: GORECHOSEN. I'm not much for the goofy background, but the core mechanics are smooth, and nice. I picked them up purely to steal the mechanics for my project, the Great Goblin Games. I'll be replacing the skull encrusted, blood spattered Khorne champions for some goblin gladiators.

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Weasel said...

Those are some fantastic figures indeed. I may have to grab this one.