Tuesday, August 22, 2017


This weekend you can find not one, but 2 Fistful of Lead games going on during this great convention, RECRUITS. One will be run by Yours, Truly, and one by friend of the show, Cluck Amok, running his amazing French and Indian War scenario, based on my upcoming supplement for said period.
I waxed poetic many times about what an awesome convention RECRUITS is. Aimed at bringing new blood to what is and old man's hobby, RECRUITs seems to bring the best out in gamers. I usually have 14 to 60 year olds playing at my tables. The con itself is cheap, $5 for the whole weekend and free for students and military. But that doesn't mean its cheap on games. Its a good size for a regional convention. People bring their best. Lots of vendors, great games, and cheap but good grub. You won't be disappointed.
Come by the Wiley Games booth and say "hello", and hopefully buy some stuff.

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Cluck Amok said...

I'm so much closer to 60 now than 16 : )
See ya tomorrow, Big Toys in tow!