Friday, February 3, 2017

little Little Bighorn

Last night heralded the return of Jon of "Jon's Curio Clashes" and he brought his Plains War miniatures. We decided to play what I called "little Little Bighorn". This would just be a scaled down version of the last bit of the battle, featuring the iconic last stand of Custer (if he was even still alive at that point).

We played on a 6 x4 table with Last Stand Hill dominating the middle. To give the blue coast a slim chance of survival and change history, we had a semi turn limit when night would fall and they could escape under cover of darkness.
The game started with some long ranged sniping. The Native Americans were under a Bloodthirsty ole, which compelled them to charge into Close Combat if they were in range to do so. The cavalry to the east were pinned almost to a man.
A few braves went down, and had quite a few "Ammo" results. Probably old rusty rifles and bad ammo....

Then, on turn 4, things changed. Custer was gunned down. The men must of lost heart because on the heels of his death, the Braves charged in killed most of the cavalry in Close Combat.

One lone trooper stood against the horde. If he could only hold out another turn....
It was not to be. Despite the historical outcome, it was a lot of fun.
Thanks to Jon for bringing out his toys.
Best of all, you can have this same scenario FREE! Find it here at Wargames Vault.


Jon F said...

Good times. Next go at it will feature mounted minis. Oh, Last Stand Hill is on the wrong side of the river.

BaronVonJ said...

Depends on which way you're looking.