Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Scenario Book now available

The Scenario Book offered in the Fistful of Lead: Reloaded Kickstarter is now available as a pdf through Wargame Downloads here.
This is the same book available to the folks who ordered miniatures, and includes the 10 free scenarios that everyone got who participated in the KS, plus 10 new ones.
A grand total of 20 Action-packed scenarios for the Fistful of Lead, Wild West wargaming rules.
Included are:
- 2 multi-part linked scenarios
- lots of one-off, stand alone scenarios
- 5 character driven scenarios
- and the special "Revenge of Boot Hill", which allows you to add a little "weird" to your Wild West.
All for the low-low price of $6!
So, if you're one of those poor suckers who didn't buy into the FfoL Kickstarter, you can at least get some scenarios.

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Foss1066 said...

Awesome, ordering mine now- thanks!