Friday, May 20, 2016

Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket, the Legion in Mexico

Republican forces are in need of supplies. Only a small garrison of French Foreign Legion guard the small village Agua Verde. Will the villagers rise up and help?
The Legion had two players controlling 5 Legionnaires including a leader. They could set up anywhere in town, and chose to mostly stick to the high ground.

The Republican Mexican forces  were three players controlling 5 soldiers including an NCO. They had to find the supplies and escape with them if possible. The Mexicans also had the chance of enlisting the support of the locals. Each time a Legionnaire went out of action, the Mexican rolled a d10. A "1" was needed for the first attempt. If another Legionnaire went down, a "2" and so on. Thus, each Imperial invader knocked out increased the chance for help.
The game started with new guy Brett getting the worst of it. Three of his Republicans went down in the first turn. Soon all the Legion was raining death from the high ground.
A few Legionnaires went down, but the villagers failed to materialized.
This looked like a short game.

Suddenly the tide turned. A legion death triggered a machete wielding villager who randomly appeared in the church. He quickly ran up into the bell tower and dispatched the Legion sniper.
The Legion was going down, mostly in close combat, to bayonets and machetes.
I was a great game. Having to reload after each shot makes you really consider your shots. As usual, the Legion died gloriously and uncelebrated.


Jim Jackaman said...

What a great idea...lovely terrain too!

Weasel said...

How many guys can you comfortably have on the table in Fistful of Lead?

BaronVonJ said...

Ivan, I routinely run 8 player games with each player controlling 5 models with the game lasting under 2 1/2 hours. Great for convention games but also one on one fights (much shorter of course).
As I am a big fan of the Nordic Weasel Games, email me your particulars and I'll send you a copy.

Nick said...

I was preparing for my Magnificent Seven game when this was posted, so I didn't really pay much attention at the time. Now I'd like to try a similar game but with more figures on the table, at least five per player to start, as you suggest in you convention games. I have a couple of questions: 1. You mention the officer figure and the NCO in the AAR. Do they possess any other attributes other than the "Leader" attribute in the rules which make it easier to roll to get out of pinned if the leader is close?
2. Since all of the French will be well trained Legionnaires, what do you think of a rule to allow them to fire a volley if the officer is close by? That would mean firing more than one card at once. Of course, there is a down side since several figures will be out for the turn at one time after firing.

BaronVonJ said...

Hey Nick,
1. Officers just give the bonus, (you'd be surprised how much this helps) however, you could also give them a Trait or two.
2. The volley fire idea has been tried (and you are welcome to playtest) And I find it doesn't work for the reason you suggested. The number of cards you get is, in fact a tactical advantage. So getting 5 cards then choosing the best is kind of unfair.
If you truly want hordes of troops, I would suggest maybe using an idea I'm testing the for the "Buccaneers and Cavaliers" supplement to Horse and Musket. Dregs.
Dregs are are groups of 3 henchmen types. They essential function like one model. They only get 1 card for the 3, and have only one wound. So, anything save a Pin drops them.
I give the Legionnaires a +1 to hit in both Close Combat, Shooting and Un pin rolls to reflect their better training. Say "Hi" to Mr. Foss for me.

Nick said...

Hi Jaye,

Thanks for the quick reply! I can see now how the volley fire isn't appropriate and probably not necessary given the other advantages the Legion enjoys. I'm interested in the notion of the Dregs. I did kind of have in mind a "Camerone" scenario with the Legion holding off many times their number. In fact, I have run Camerone games several times and always felt that what was missing was the emotional effect when one more legionnaire went down. Of course, it's completely unfair to the Mexicans who are honest, patriotic Joes just trying to defend their homeland. I'll have to give it some more thought before the game on the 13th of August.

BaronVonJ said...

You can also make the Mexicans "Greenhorns" using a d8.

Nick said...

Greenhorns = militia. Makes sense. BTW, the Mexican peasants were quite deadly in my Mag. 7 game, even with their lowly D8's. Everyone cheered when one peasant took down a bandit armed only with a shovel! Great stuff!

BaronVonJ said...

Those are the moments that make the game great.

Eric said...

Hi (from France),

There will be a supplement for your very good rules to play groups (3 or 5 miniatures per group)?
With my friends, we would like to play your rules for colonial period (NWF, sudan, beau geste, congo...).