Monday, September 21, 2015

Golden Age Supers: Liberty Legion vs the Emperor's Swords

Department 13 has intercepted Top Secret Radio transmissions that the Empire of Japan is trying to resurrect Operation Kaiju on the island of Mauwanu Tatu. Dispatch the Liberty Legion with all haste!

 Tengu takes to the skies.
 Raiden soon follows
 The Sentinel of Liberty captures the first target.
 Followed by Major Victory.
 Oni captures a victory point

 Liberty Belle, Klank, and Sgt Stone close in.
 The Scarlet Speedster nabs some points.
 Rikishi thunders forward.
 Tsunami appears!

 a battle for control of the skies.
 Unstoppable force meets immovable object.

Oni takes out two heroes with a truck! The battle swayed back and forth, but ultimately ended in a tie. Both sides are eager for a rematch.


Carrion Crow said...

Nice to see a return to superhero gaming on your blog. I seem to remember the Japanese didn't fare so well last time, but you appear to have bolstered their ranks. Your Heroclix (and Heroscape) conversions are always inspiring and I may have "borrowed" your idea for a Southern-themed team. Keep up the good work.
Regards Jez

styx said...

Yea, love the post and enjoyable as the last one! What game system are you using?

Jaye Wiley said...

Supersystem v2.
The Japanese fared better thanks to two things:
1- I lost their stats and had to remake them, possibly for the better.
2- The American heroes are a little more balanced. Last time the British heroes, which are a litter more min/max types, wiped the floor with the competition.