Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last minute project: Day2

Day 2 saw the zombies getting painted, and bases gooped.
The minis had already been assembled and primed with a dark brown yesterday. I normally start with black, but this allows me to skip a step. And this particular paint bonds to plastic.

I then started with a mix of purple, gray and a stone color dry brushed over the brown with my trusty, beat old drybrush. It's massive. this lets me just drag the brush over, catching the surface and leaving the dark bits still brown. The purple undercoat gives the zombies that bruised flesh look dead skin has. Also using a cool color like purple makes all the subsequent colors that are added also take on a cool cool.

Next was a dry brush of dirty white or aged bone. Then, I gave the open wounds, mouth and hands a wash of deep red.

A final drybrush of almost bone color finished them off. I went in add dotted the eyes white, the teeth dirty yellow and went ahead and left the clothes the muddy gray like they've been in the grave. These are not fresh zombies. For those I'd go a bit brighter in palette.
Tomorrow the finished pieces and start on the hunters.

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Blaxkleric said...

Great posting. Thanks ever so much. I never would have thought of doing a purple undercoat and yet as you say, it has that bruised flesh look and works really well with the rest of the colours. They look great.