Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belated Father's Day present

Despite working for 20+ years for a certain greeting card company who makes all their money of such things, my family is kinda bad about remembering holidays. I have often surprised my wife with a birthday gift, simply because she forgot it was her birthday.
No so this year. I lost my Father this past Easter and this was the first Father's Day without him. Combine this with losing my job and it has been a tough year for the Barony.
So it was a bright little ray of sunshine when a package arrived at my door today.
Rivet Wars! Something I wanted to back on Kickstarter but didn't have the money to do at the time. Amazon has it waaay cheaper than my local shop. The only bad thing is I'll have to wait for all the cool extra minis that other people got by backing.
Can't wait to play.


Endtransmission said...

I watched Rivet Wars on Kickstarter and wanted to back it so badly. What a great present

Douglas Anders said...

I got Rivet Wars from my son for my birthday -- it's great fun. You'll love it.

commissarmoody said...

Are you planning on painting the mins?

BaronVonJ said...

The minis are too good not to paint. But, they'll have to get in line.