Friday, May 23, 2014

Fistful of Lead Thursday

The sleepy border town of Lesterville got rearranged and laid out for a 4 player scenario. El Guappo, infamous bandito, was crossing over the river into Lesterville to rob the bank. Marshal Bill had caught wind of the plot, and was going to arrest him. The catch was that Bill had to take El Guappo alive.
Meanwhile, two other gangs, the Leftover Gang headed by Johnny One-Leg and Ed Harley and his Long Riders were there to steal a pack mule loaded with gold and get it across the border into Mexico.
 Johnny One-Leg and the Leftovers
 El Guappo
 Marshal Bill and his men
Ed Harley and the Long Riders
So, we had in fact two separate 1v1 games going on the same board at the same time.
Marshal Bill decided to make a run for the bank and wait ofr the Bandits. He also placed some men up on buildings in the path El Guappo seemed to be taking.

 El Guappo crosses the border

The Longriders got the jump on the Leftovers and positioned themselves beteer for the upcoming blood bath.
Poor Johnny One-Leg. He survived the Civil War battlefields only to be gunned down in the streets of Lesterville before his men. In the hail of bullets to follow, only O'Malley of the Leftovers was left alive. He was pinned, and survived a turn of gunfire directed at him only to roll a "1" on his recovery roll. Time to leave!
The battle between the Banditos and the Marshal's men started to heat up. Though in cover, the Marshal's men were taking hits. They almost lost the game when they accidentally shot at El Guappo. If they had killed him, they would have failed their objective. Eventually, Mashsal Bill grappled with El Guappo and cuffed him. The Banditos lone survivor could only watch as his leader was taken to jail.
A great game. The Boy forgot his video games for a night and actually played with us like the old days. He was the unfortunate Johnny One-Leg. Oh well, he always has Call of Duty.


Cluck Amok said...

El Guappo captured?! Surely a jailbreak is in the offing?!

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