Friday, July 19, 2013

The Road Best Left Untravelled By

I'm almost finished with the Horse & Musket version of Fistful of Lead. All that's left is proofreading, art, and play testing the scenarios to make sure they work. One scenario involves one side getting a wagon down a long road infested with enemy. The one for the rule book is an encounter during the American Revolution, but I don't have those so, it was transported to Mexico during the Maximillain Adventure. Max has decided to aid the Confederate cause up north by sending a chest of gold. All the French troops have do is deliver the money to the waiting Rebels across the river. Of course, the Republican forces have other ideas.For purposes of the game, the Mexicans couldn't just shoot the horse.

taking fire from the hills
The Mexicans have hidden setup. They pop up anywhere on the table when they activate as long as its outside 12" from the enemy. I thought about appearing directly on the road, but was afraid of getting squeezed between two enemy. So we started deploying in the hills and hacienda.
The French were much smarter. They didn't stop to fight much but just kept moving down the road. They left a string of dead and wounded in their wake. I may have to add a rule about not leaving wounded and pinned behind.

Bloody Hill

The path of destruction
It was, as all FfoL games bloody. One Mexican force looked like they were getting creamed. The Rebs couldn't seem to miss, while the Mexicans could only force pins. But, later in the game those pinned guys kept rolling "1s" and bugged out. In the end, that particular fight ended being about even.
Despite picking of anyone who took the reins of wagon, the French made their delivery. It was fun and a 6 player game was over in 1 1/2 hours!


Essjam said...

Nice report, that was a lot of fun last night. Where did you get the Cactus models?

BaronVonJ said...

don't remember.

Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

Great stuff cant wait to try the finished version of these rules so hurry up and "get'er done" ..LOL

Bill said...

They may be cake decorations.

Essjam said...

Thanks Bill, I remember getting a lot of palm trees from a cake decorator. Might be the same vendor.