Monday, November 7, 2011

Jumping on the Saga bandwagon

I loves me my Dark Ages. Dunno why. Maybe it was watching Kirk Douglas in "the Vikings", or Chuck Heston in "the Warlord". Or all those Bernard Cornwell books I keep reading.
Whatever the cause, you can't swing a stick in the Wargaming Blogosphere with hitting "Saga". After reading countless reviews, I broke down and ordered it.
It's like a boardgame with it's Battleboards where all the strategy is done. It's like a traditional wargame. Its simple but has depth. I'm sold, and with the low number (by wargame's standards) of minis involved, I'm already envisioning new factions. Crusader just came out with some Dark Age Scots. Hello Old Glory 40% Discount!


Willie Anderson said...

Great looking group of figures!

BaronVonJ said...

I try.

Rob Bresnen said...

Nice work there. Looking forward to seing more.

I have got the Saga bug too- It look like a lot of fun.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

Watched a history documentary for Barbarians: The Vikings not too long ago. this is spot on from what I've seen in Osprey and in that documentary. Surprisingly, they actually got it right on the history channel. Good work!