Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from Comic-Con

From San Diego's 72 degree no humidity to Missouri's 100+ and 95% humidity. Yeah!
How do I describe the complete insanity that is Comic-Con? Mardi Gras, Vegas, and superheroes all in one? Nah. Getting hit in the face with a board for 4 days? Closer. 130,000 people (larger than my city) in a very confined space. You can only take it in short spurts. And, no matter what anyone says, its not about comics anymore, and its gotten way to big. It spills out into the streets now.
I go mainly to see fellow artists and buy books and t-shirts and toys. That's why it was such a joy to hang out across from the convention center at the Trickster show. A FREE show by artists within a really great space, with all the sushi and whisky you can afford while chatting with and even drawing with some of the best comic artists around. One of the highlights for me was seeing Tom Murello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine do a one man show at Trickster for 50 fans.
Bought some great stuff. Got a signed copy of Dr. Grortborts Contrapulatronis Dingus Directory from the WETA guys. Almost picked up a deathray, but wasn't sure how the FAA would handle it.
Got some awesome t-shirts from the 7.62mm Design guys. And some action figures.
Don't know if I'll go back anytime soon. A bit too much. There's really a 1-10 ratio there. For every cool thing, there are 10 crappy things.
Look! A centaur!

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