Friday, June 3, 2011

It is a Small World after all...

The Basement Generals took a break from our traditional wargames (I'm lazy) to play a little (pun!) boardgame called Small World. I've eyed it for some time purely for the art work. The players take on fantasy races, expanding over a small world. Your races expand, then decline ala "History of World" but with deeper game play. Each race has a special ability, like extra victory points for inhabiting farmlands and a separate randomly generated ability like "Berserker" or "Merchant" that is different every time you play. I got Flying Barbarians, which was fun.
The key to winning comes from using your races abilities to their best, and knowing when their time is up, going into decline and picking a new race. I will definitely be picking this up.
Next week: Play test of Black Powder.

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