Monday, June 20, 2011

Black Powder Playtest 2

I had a fan-tabulous Father's Day. I woke up late, got a huge breakfast including home made biscuits and gravy. Then I got to paint for a couple of hours and then Lead Addict came over and we tested out Black Powder again. This time, I used used a few tweaks I found on the inter-webs for Pike and Shot era.
We started with equal forces: 2 brigade of 4 regiments each of cavalry, 2 brigades of 4 infantry and a gun. We set up almost identically,  except I (the red player) had my infantry brigades in 2 lines, where he (the blue) had his side by side.
I started with a general advance across the line. Blue had trouble getting his troops moving, with only one infantry brigade puttering forward, exposed. The one little regiment poured fire into my uint reducing it to "shaken" the first turn.
My next turn the cav on both flanks swept forward. The left attack did little but drive their opposite off. On the right, it was different story. The smashed through their opposite number, and with a sweeping advance reduced their opponents to two regiments, breaking that brigade. Shooting in the center was sparse, and I was forced to try and rally my shaken unit.
Blue's turn peppered my lead infantry brigade. I was forced to retire due to the fire. They had broke.

My next turn my left cavalry brigade decided it was time to retire almost off the board. This would have ended it for me, as half my brigades would be broken or gone, causing an army morale collapse. Luckily, Blue's cavalry pursued but was unable to drive my cavalry the rest of the way off. A counterattck by me the next turn drove them off.
Like alot of era battles, the cavalry leaving the battle signalled the end of things. With two out of 4 brigades broken, Lead Addict was forced to retire his army. It was close. My infantry was about to go, and any more casualties to my cavalry would have ended them as well.
I really like these rules. A great game in under two hours. Biggest bit of advise (from Lead Addict) "Watch your shit!".
In other words, you really have to manage your resources. Pay close attention. This is not a game to half ass. It is very unforgiving.
I'm dropping everything to concentrate painting on my pike and shot stuff. But, as soon as I finish Hail Caesar, I'll probably start on that....


Lead Addict said...

Watch Your Shit Indeed.

Really liking these rules.

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Bill said...

Way cool. I am looking forward to playing more BP.