Friday, April 29, 2011

Crimson Skies Thursday

I just had to try out the new table top and all it's hexey goodness. And since I've always had a weakness for Crimson Skies, this week's game was an obvious choice.
"Border raids into Missouri by ISA forces have steadily increased. Coupled with the ISA providing weapons to sympathizers in St. Louis, Confederate forces felt that had to act. A daring raid on a suspected munitions factory just across the MIssissippi would send the message to the Industrial States to stay out of the CSA."
Brave Confederate pilots begin their run
CSA forces consisted of a Behemoth fighter-bomber escorted by a light Valiant, a Bandit ground attack ship and a Curtiss Warhawk (pictured at the top).
Intercepting them would be ISA airplanes and a mercenary pirate gang (the Flying Monkeys) consisting of 2 Brigands, a Cutlass, a Vampire and 2 Defenders.
The pilots plot their moves
The bomber had to cross the table and drop his bombs to be successful. From the start he was in trouble. The pilot of the bomber was going to have to redline the engine all the way. Half of his escort flew off to engage the pirates, leaving the lumbering giant exposed.
The behemoth took a beating starting at turn 2, and the pounding never let up. Only it's armor kept it in the air. He managed to blow an ISA Brigand out the sky with a well placed HE rocket before going down himself.
Lots of shooting this round
The fight only lasted 4 turns, but it was a brawl. I've run this same scenario before with equal forces and the bomber always gets away with it. This time I gave the interceptors more planes and it went completely the other way. Still fun, though.

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Alfred T. Mahan said...

I always liked the CS universe; glad to see you're keeping it going!

It doesn't seem to be too expensive on E-bay when I've looked, either, but maybe I looked at the right times; I just don't want to start *another* system ATM w/out an opponent.