Thursday, April 8, 2010

Super Hero Wednesday!

The Crystal Skull of Ozmodeus has disappeared! The magical artifact holds untold power, and the members of C.R.I.M.E. think it's somewhere in Capital City. They'll tear the city apart looking for it, too!
But fear not citizen, the Guardians are on the way!

The villains include the muscle-bound Behemoth, Razorwing, knife of the skies, the dead-eye Killshot, ninja Shadow Master, mental monarch Queen Cobra and Red Raven. Thy are equipped with a device to track the magical energies given off by the Crystal Skull.

Opposing this foul cadre is the manic Manticore, pro wrestler turned hero Mr. Wonderful, Herakles hero of legend, flying government weapon A.J.A.X., the speedy Flea, and the enigmatic Crimson Cowl.

The battle opens with Flea leaping and bouncing forward to attack Killshot. He deliverers a flurry of blows and retreats. Razorwing takes to the air to track the Skull's energy, but is attacked by A.J.A.X.
Behemoth super-leaps to bash Manticore from his perch atop a building, then jumps the Crimson Cowl. The masked mentalist dodges the blows.

After a combined attack with Manticore, the Crimson Cowl finishes Behemoth with a mental attack against the stupid brute. In fact across the city, things are going well for our heroes. Flea bashed Killshot to the ground. Herakles made short work of Red Raven, but took a little longer with Shadow Master. After a dazzling mental attack by Queen Cobra, Mr. Wonderful knocked her through a building.

Soon only Queen Cobra remained. She decided to live to fight another day and made her escape. Little did anyone know, the Crystal Skull was being used as a paper weight at the local comic book shop.


Lead Addict said...

The new terrain looks great in the photos. Did it look that good in person? Was it good to play on?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Great-looking buildings and streets. Are these from downloadable .pdf files? If so, please provide a link.

-- Jeff

BaronVonJ said...

The buildings are from Fat Dragon available thru DriveThruRPG. I modfied some to make them bigger, change colors, etc., but the pdfs are very costumisable as is, too.