Thursday, April 15, 2010

Battlelore Wednesday

As I mentioned before, I played a great game of Command and Colors at RECRUITS last month with 15mm ancients (I can still taste my son's delicious tears). So why not try it with Battlelore, C&C's fantasy step-brother? I know there's a lot of haters out there of Battlelore, but any game my 9-year-old can figure out and still be fun for me tactically is a winner in my book.
We cobbled together two armies from Ken (Lead Addict's) massive collection of 15mm Demonworld fantasy figs. (He has everything they made. Get the name Lead Addict now?). This was a playtest, so no finished bases, and in this case, no hexes. No one seems to make a 6' x 8' five inch hex mat. So we used the C&C hexless rules, They worked fine. We had three kids and three adults playing and it worked great. A marginal victory by the orcs over the elves. We will definitely be playing again.

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