Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday night Song of Blades

Saturday night saw five brave warbands enter the Valley of Mists, a place of treasures and terrible danger. They were:
Grishnash, leader of a small orc tribe seeking glory.
Sir Gordon the Gold, and his band of adventurers.
Korgoth and his barbarian band.
Aleroth, elevn hero and his forest brethren.
and Sir Reginald de Pu and his retainers.
Right off, Sir Gordon found the Blade of Orc Cleaving, which got Grishnash's attention. Meanwhile Sir Reginald stumbled upon some ghost protecting a ruined temple. After the spirits were driven off, Reginald was awarded with the Bow of Eternity.
One of Korgoth's men, a berserker, ran off by himself and ran into an enchanted well. Unfortunately, it was guarded by a fis monster that quickly dispatched the wayward barbarian. The creature was later eliminated by the other barbarians, which gained them the Boots of the Hare god.
Across the valley battles were being fought and treasure uncovered. It looked like the elves might come out on top, but they got greedy and took on Reginald and his men. Though the great knight fell, his men ended up with 4 of the treasures, besting both elves and barbarians.

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Hope to see more in the near future. (: