Tuesday, September 29, 2009

July in Unkerlant

In the west, the stalemate breaks. Volborgian scouts sent to reconnoiter the Borogravian army met with a raiding party of that same army in the hills outside Vollenbeck. The Volborgian troopers were driven off, but the Borogravians were unable to pull off their raid.
At dawn, General Wolf was awakened by his staff and informed the entire Borogravian army was pouring down the Vollenbeck road right at them.
In the east, grand maneuvers were happening. The scattered Zlobenian armies moved to close on Asstyria, while Franistover made moves on the capital, Koenigstadt. The Zlobenian 1st Army, in Koenigstadt marched via Zwolen to Asstyria. In Zwolen the met the Franistover 3rd and 4th Armies. The Franistover troopers fell back to their undefended capital, Wurzen rather than fight. This left the Zlobenians free to march on Asstyria. Because of their detour, that same army missed the Franistover 2nd Army marching south to the Koenigstadt, where they met the Franistover 1st and 5th Armies marching north from Middelheim.
Zlobenia had captured the Electorate of Styrland, but was now fighting outnumbered for Koenigstadt.
UPDATE: The outnumbered Zlobenian 3rd Army fell back into the fortress city to stand a siege.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

The third army will hold out within the capital's fortifications and earn a honorable nickname, be relieved by the first and second and then lead the march on the Franistover capital. Hail Zlobenia!!!

BaronVonJ said...

No doubt, your observations will prove true, sir.
-Zee Baron